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Human Identification

Forensic and kinship testing

Molecular genetic analysis is the most informative and reliable method for human identification. The method is successfully used for forensics and kinship testing. The biotechnological company Gordiz offers comprehensive solutions for all stages of expert investigation:

DNA extraction
Kits for DNA extraction using sorption method. Extraction of DNA from biological objects of any kind (blood, saliva, soft tissues, hair, histological samples, contact marks, bone tissue, etc.).

Methods of rapid preparation
Reagents for PCR - compatible lysis of biomaterial. Rapid sample preparation when operating with typical objects - blood, buccal swabs. The samples for amplification are prepared in 15 minutes.

DNA concentration evaluation
DNA concentration evaluation using the method of PCR in real time (evaluation of sample purity and quality of genetic material).

STR-loci typing
COrDIS kits for multiplex amplification of STR-loci of chromosomal DNA. Typing of autosomal DNA markers and sex chromosomes (Y, X) using the capillary electrophoresis method.