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COrDIS mini1 STR Amplification Kit

COrDIS mini1 is a multiplex kit for amplification of 8 polymorphic STR-markers and DNA-locus encoding human amelogenin. The kit is intended to be used in human identification and kinship testing, as well as for screening research. The kit COrDIS mini1 contains STR-markers, which are amplified as small-sized PCR products. This allows to obtain results even when using objects with degraded DNA-fragments (bond remains, biomaterial with putrid changes, biomaterial which was exposed to aggressive influences, etc).

The main features:

  • Contemporaneous analysis of 9 markers.
  • Compatibility with the genetic analyzers ABI 310/3130/3500, MegaBACE, NANOFOR  05.
  • Support of data analysis in GeneMapper Software, Genemarker, Genotyper, OSIRIS software.
  • The kit components are already dispensed into the tubes and lyophilized. Such a format allows to simplify labour, increase stability and reduce contamination risks. Transport and storage is carried out at room temperature. The shelf-life of the kit is 18 months.
  • The opportunity to carry out the direct analysis passing by the step of DNA purification. Lysis reagent COrDIS Sprint using for buccal swabs and Direct Activator reagent for blood samples by using direct PCR.
  • High resistance to the presence of PCR inhibitors (humic acids, hematin, indigo carmine).
  • The kit contains all the necessary consumables and reagents for the full cycle of research (PCR-tubes, 96-well microplate for capillary electrophoresis, DNA size standard and allelic ladder).

The kit includes the following STR-loci:


Amplification of 1ng of human DNA (control 007) using COrDIS mini1 kit