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Direct Activator

COrDIS Direct Activator is a reagent for direct PCR using human blood samples. A fragment of a material (paper, textile material) is placed directly into the reaction mixture without the need for preliminary DNA extraction. The components comprising into Direct Activator provides high efficacy of cell material lysis and transference of DNA from the material into the reaction mixture. The kit is intended to be used for the implementation of rapid protocols for definition of biological relationship as well as for screening and population research.

The main features:

  • The reagent is a rapid system for direct PCR without need for preliminary DNA extraction.
  • Ease of handling with typical objects (blood samples).
  • Compatibility with all COrDIS amplification kits.

The rapid protocol for direct amplification:


COrDIS  Direct Activator

Электрофореграмма COrDIS Direct Activator

Analysis of FTA blood samples using COrDIS Direct Activator reagent and COrDIS Plus kit.