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NON-Human identification


First forensic investigation kits for NON-Human DNA analysis

The main features:

  • Unique line of kits for animal STR analysis 

    BEAR, ELK, CATTLE, HORSE, DOG, SHEEP, GOATS, PIGS biological material Identification
  • Full compliance withISAG (International Society of Animal Genetics) standard panels
  • STRICT PCR technology for electrophoresis signal normalization without DNA quantification
  • High stability of the kit due to lyophilized format of reaction mix.
  • Easy to use: the reaction mix is dried in individual PCR reaction tubes and provided in ready to use format
  • Kit contains all necessary reagents (high density internal size standard, matrix standart and etc.)
  • Validated with ABI 310, ABI 3130, ABI 3130XL, ABI 3500, ABI 3500XL. Data analysis in GeneMapper software