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COrDIS STRICT STR Amplification Kit

COrDIS STRICT is a multiplex kit for amplification of 24 markers. The kit is intended to be used in human identification and biological relationship testing, cell line authentication, and analysis of biological chimerism after transplantation of human organs and tissues. Additionally, the kit can be used for Direct amplification without DNA extraction.

The main features:

  • Revolutionary STRICT® amplification technology for fluorescence signal normalization
  • Optimal fluorescence signal for all sample without pre-PCR DNA quantification
  • 6Dye multiplex for the expanded CODIS loci investigation
  • More statistical power for high accuracy paternity testing
  • Fast PCR of around 60 minutes
  • Highest sensitivity and tolerance to inhibitor for casework sample investigation
  • Internal PCR control for reaction efficiency monitoring
  • Optional Direct PCR buffer for FTA cards
  •  Kit contains all necessary reagents (high density internal size standard, matrix standard and etc.)
  •  Validated with ABI 310, ABI 3130, ABI 3130XL, ABI 3500, ABI 3500XL. Data analysis in Genoproof, GeneMapper and OSIRIS software