The Russian innovative biotechnological company GORDIZ was founded in 2008 year. The company is active in the development and implementation of new high-tech solutions in the field of molecular biology and medicine. Forensic and forensic institutions work with us, research institutes, commercial molecular genetic laboratories.

Today, GORDIZ is the only Russian manufacturer of products for molecular genetic identification based on the multiplex analysis of STR loci of chromosomal DNA – COrDIS product line. Other activities of the company are related to the development of solutions for the individualization and identification of animals, medical diagnostics and research.

The presence of a number of unique innovative technologies allows us to successfully compete with foreign industry leaders. Production is fully localized in the Russian Federation and is based on the original components and materials of Russian production. Production is controlled by a quality management system in accordance with international standards ISO9001 and ISO18385. In addition to the production of proprietary products, partnership projects for the production of test systems for molecular biology and medical diagnostics are being implemented.

Own scientific and applied research, as well as close cooperation with practical laboratories and research centers, allow the company to continuously improve the quality of existing solutions, expand the list of products offered and offer new areas of its application.

One of the key success factors of our products, is the development of a program of technical and methodological support for our customers. A highly professional team of company specialists is ready to provide all the necessary assistance in the implementation and adaptation of our technologies in the practical activities of expert and research laboratories.

WITH 2017 GORDIZ company is a member of the Skolkovo Foundation’s cluster of biological and medical technologies and participates in programs to develop new innovative technologies and products for solving urgent problems of modern practical biology and medicine.

Product users are more 100 laboratories and research centers in Russia, USA, ES, Middle East and Africa.