The innovative Russian biotech company GORDIZ was founded in 2008 .. Its primary focus is the development and implementation of new high-tech solutions in the field of molecular biology and medicine. We work with forensic laboratories and medical examiners, research institutes, and commercial molecular genetics laboratories.

GORDIZ is the only Russian manufacturer of molecular genetic human identificationsolutions based on multiplex analysis of STR loci of chromosomal DNA to date – with its COrDIS product line. The company's other focus areas include development of animal individualization and identification, medical diagnostics and research solutions.

Thanks to a number of unique technological innovations, we can compete successfully with the foreign industry leaders. Our manufacturing processes are localized entirely in Russia using local materials and components. A quality management system is in place at our production facilities in accordance with the ISO9001 and ISO18385 international standards. In addition to proprietary solutions, we implement partnership projects for contract manufacturing of test systems for molecular biology and medical diagnostics.

The Company's own research and development , along with close cooperation with test laboratories and research centers, allow for continuous improvement of existing solutions, extension of the range of available products and implementation of entirely new areas of application.

One of the key drivers of our products success, is the development of a technical support and guidance program for our customers. Our highly professional team of specialists is ready to provide all the necessary assistance for the implementation and adaptation of our solutions to the actual operations and processes of test and research laboratories.

Since 2017 GORDIZ has been a member of the Skolkovo Foundation's cluster of biological and medical technology and participated in innovative development programs addressing the current challenges of modern practical biology and medicine.

More than 100 laboratories and research centers across Russia, USA, EU, EMEA.