The largest Russian-language scientific and practical conference, dedicated to the use of molecular genetic research methods in forensic science and forensic medicine.

The main task of the conference is to unite and develop the Russian professional community of forensic geneticists within the framework of an independent scientific and practical forum.

Все доклады в рамках конференции “МЕТОДЫ СУДЕБНОЙ ГЕНЕТИКИ” посвящаются исключительно обсуждению методических и научно-практических вопросов молекулярно-генетической экспертизы.

The organizer of the project is the research and production company "GORDIZ" with the support of the Skolkovo Innovation Fund, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, as well as the Standing Committee of the Union State.


1) Organization of an independent professional scientific-practical conference, devoted to the discussion of the urgent tasks of forensic genetics.
2) The conference is aimed at consolidating the Russian community of forensic genetics and organizing productive working interactions of all participants in this professional field.
3) Provide an opportunity for everyone to share their practical experience with colleagues, theoretical knowledge and methodological approaches to solving urgent problems of practical expert activity.
4) Invitation to a constructive dialogue of representatives of all departments and organizations, conducting expert activities in Russia as part of an independent methodological forum.
5) Combining on one platform reports from representatives of all participants in the professional community, containing exclusively information about their own practical results and their own expert experience in solving topical professional issues. Reports, presented at the conference should highlight the speakers' own achievements in solving the problems under discussion, as well as the most problematic issues of laboratory practice. The submitted reports should not contain a discussion of the results of third parties, as well as the results of the work of related laboratories and departments.

Вторая научно-практическая конференция “МЕТОДЫ СУДЕБНОЙ ГЕНЕТИКИ” состоялась 09–10 сентября 2021 года в Москве на территории гостиничного комплекса “САЛЮТ”. Организатором мероприятия выступила научно-производственная компания “ГОРДИЗ” при поддержке Инновационного Фонда Сколково и Российской Академии Наук.

The conference brought together more 150 genetic experts from more than 40 expert laboratories. In total, more than 25 reports under 5 thematic sections:

  • Promising directions and technologies
  • Biological Trace Search and DNA Extraction
  • Analysis of individualizing markers
  • Identification of animal biomaterial
  • Laboratory work organization

You can get acquainted with the materials of the conference by the link:

Материалы конференции МСГ 2021

The first scientific and practical conference "METHODS OF JUDICIAL GENETICS", was held in Moscow in 2018 ..

You can get acquainted with the materials of the conference by the link:

Материалы конференции МСГ 2018