Dear colleagues, We sincerely thank you all for your support in organizing the second conference Methods of Forensic Genetics! We really appreciate the high level of attention and the desire of the professional community to repeat the previous experience of the conference and participate in the further development of the project. Special thanks to all speakers, those who have expressed their readiness to prepare materials for speeches and who have provided materials of abstracts. Unfortunately, the epidemiological situation again forces us to postpone the event to a later date. At the moment, a decision has been made on postponing the conference preliminarily to September 2021 of the year.

A lot of work has been done by all of us. We are sincerely confident, that it is necessary and important and that this very necessary event will definitely take place, as soon as the opportunity arises. Thanks again for your support.!

All previously planned reports and applications for participation in the conference will be postponed to new dates. We apologize to all participants for the inconvenience.. We hope for your understanding and willingness to take part in a future event..



We invite you to take part in the largest Russian-language scientific and practical conference, devoted to the use of molecular genetic research methods in forensics and forensic science.

The aim of the conference is to unite and develop the Russian professional community of forensic geneticists as part of an independent scientific and practical forum. We invite you to discuss the most pressing issues of modern forensic genetics and share your experience with colleagues from different regions and cities of our country.

All reports within the conference “JUDICIAL GENETICS METHODS” will be devoted exclusively to the discussion of methodological and scientific and practical issues of molecular genetic examination. We will be glad to provide everyone with the opportunity to share their practical experience with colleagues, theoretical knowledge and methodological approaches to solving urgent problems of practical expert activity.


Second Scientific and Practical Conference “JUDICIAL GENETICS METHODS” will be held in Moscow in May 2021 years on the territory of the hotel complex “SALUTE”. The event is organized by a research and production company “GORDIZ” with the support of the Skolkovo Innovation Fund and the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The first scientific-practical conference "JUDICIAL GENETICS METHODS", was held in Moscow in 2018 .. The conference was attended by more 150 genetic experts from more than 40 expert laboratories.

The conference program will be designed for 2 working days and will include a section of scientific reports, as well as specialized training workshops. Planned more 30 reports under 7 thematic sections:
  • Promising areas of forensic genetics
  • DNA extraction
  • Determination of the origin of biological traces
  • Analysis of individualizing markers
  • Identification of animal biomaterial
  • Statistical data processing
  • Laboratory work organization

In addition to the main conference program, several workshops planned. Scientific Production Company “GORDIZ” a presentation of domestic production of reagent kits for expert studies of human DNA will be organized.


Participation in the conference is free.. Everyone can apply for participation in the conference as students, as well as speakers, and also send abstracts for print in the publication “Conference Materials”. Due to the postponement of the conference dates, the deadline for accepting applications for participation in the conference has been extended until 31 December 2020 of the year. To apply for participation in the conference, please send a letter to indicating:

  • Member contact details (FULL NAME, E-mail address, contact number)
  • Laboratories, submitted by the participant

To participate in the conference as a speaker, you must also indicate the desired topic. Registration of reports is carried out before 31 December 2020 of the year.

Registration is required to receive:

  • Event passes
  • Coffee Break Invitations
  • Information brochures and print publications “Conference Materials”


Requirements for abstracts and a template for submitting abstracts in doc format can be downloaded here:


1) Organization of an independent professional scientific-practical conference, devoted to the discussion of the urgent tasks of forensic genetics.
2) The conference is aimed at consolidating the Russian community of forensic genetics and organizing productive working interactions of all participants in this professional field.
3) Provide an opportunity for everyone to share their practical experience with colleagues, theoretical knowledge and methodological approaches to solving urgent problems of practical expert activity.
4) Invitation to a constructive dialogue of representatives of all departments and organizations, conducting expert activities in Russia as part of an independent methodological forum.
5) Combining on one platform reports from representatives of all participants in the professional community, containing exclusively information about their own practical results and their own expert experience in solving topical professional issues. Reports, presented at the conference should highlight the speakers' own achievements in solving the problems under discussion, as well as the most problematic issues of laboratory practice. The submitted reports should not contain a discussion of the results of third parties, as well as the results of the work of related laboratories and departments.
The conference does not include:
1) Direct advertising of commercial products and services.
2) Legal discussion, ethical and social issues of expert activity.
3) Discussion of intra-departmental and inter-departmental contradictions of an organizational and political nature.

Conference “JUDICIAL GENETICS METHODS” will take place in may 2021 years in Moscow on the territory of the hotel complex “SALUTE” at the address: Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt, house. 158. The hotel complex is located at: Moscow, Leninsky Prospekt, d.158.