Production – the most important stage of the company. More 10 years we have been developing and developing quality control systems, we introduce new innovative approaches and increase the effectiveness of our work.

Today we are implementing a full cycle of production of products for molecular biological research. The company's production divisions include departments:

  • development and validation of new products
  • high-performance oligosynthesis
  • preparation of beams and aliquoting of reaction mixtures
  • picking and packaging of ready-made reagent kits
  • quality control of products

The production facilities of the Company are located on the territory of the Technopark “SLAVA”, specialized infrastructure project of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of Moscow.

The company's production processes are built in accordance with international GMP standards and the requirements of the international standard of quality control systems ISO9001. The ISO9001 control system undergoes annual compliance audits by one of the largest European certification bodies TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH. The production of reagent kits for research in the field of forensic science and forensic medicine has been brought into line with the international standard IOS18385 for controlling the risk of contamination of human DNA products.

At all stages and stages of production, the principles of a unidirectional flow of materials and products are implemented, input control of pollution of components and raw materials, control and reduce the presence of genetic material in the work environment.

The stages of preparation of all components and aliquotation of solutions is carried out in cleanrooms of ISO7 class using automation and minimizing the direct participation of the operator in the production process. The functioning of the cleanroom complex and particle level control is ensured by a specialized complex of air purification and preparation using HEPA filtration systems.

Quality control of products is carried out by our own testing laboratory equipped with a full range of necessary analytical equipment. All developed and manufactured products participate in quality control systems as part of international blind testing programs such as GEDNAP (German DNA Profiling ) и ISAG comparison tests (International Society for Animal Genetics)