Reagent kit for multiplex analysis of 16 microsatellite markers and reindeer SRY sex-specific marker.

The kit is intended for the molecular genetic characterization of reindeer in order to analyze the relationship and DNA individualization of animals based on multiplex PCR analysis of 17 loci, containing short tandem repeats (STR).

The COrDIS Rangifer kit is a new generation multiplex test system, based on the unique technology of DNA amplification conditioning (COrDIS STRICT). The extremely wide analytical range of the COrDIS Rangifer kit allows you to conduct research without the stage of preliminary measurement and normalization of DNA concentration. The amplification conditioning technology provides an optimal level of the fluorescent signal, regardless of the amount of sample added to the reaction. Immediately after the DNA extraction stage, the maximum amount of the sample can be added to the amplification reaction, which will ensure high sensitivity of the analysis without the risk of "overloading" the amplification signal.

  • Simultaneous analysis of 17 individualizing DNA markers of reindeer
  • Optimal signal strength of PCR products without measuring DNA concentration
  • Express protocols for the analysis of buccal epithelial samples using COrDIS Sprint reagent
  • Unique fluorescent signal conditioning technology
  • High resistance to the presence of PCR inhibitors



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