Reagent kit for DNA isolation from tissue sections, enclosed in paraffin blocks.

The COrDIS "EXTRACT" FFPE reagent kit is intended for obtaining DNA preparations from tissue sections, enclosed in paraffin blocks for subsequent analysis by polymerase chain reaction.

A special feature of the EXTRACT FFPE kit is a unique reagent kit, free of xylene and other aggressive solvents. Working with the kit does not require special conditions and can be carried out on an ordinary laboratory bench.

High efficiency of primary extraction of biomaterial can significantly increase the efficiency of the study.

Further stages of extraction are carried out using DNA sorption on the surface of high-capacity sorbent magnetic granules. The extracted DNA can be used in molecular biological reactions without additional purification.

  • Non-toxic dewaxing
  • The kit provides fast and high DNA yield, which is especially important for small biopsies
  • Simple extraction protocol using high-capacity magnetic particles
  • Unique lysis system for highly efficient extraction
  • Does not contain aggressive solvents

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