Universal baskets for lysis and DNA extraction from expert samples.

COrDIS UniSpin baskets are designed to optimize DNA extraction protocols.

UniSpin baskets simplify the stages of lysis and filtration of samples in the process of DNA extraction from biomaterial of various nature. The hermetically sealed lid of the collection tube allows incubation of preparations in an incubator under high temperature conditions. During incubation, the basket is completely immersed in a test tube to control the specified conditions. After the lysis stage, the liquid part of the resulting lysate can be filtered and purified from the carrier material.. Thanks to the special geometry of the bottom, basketball becomes permeable to liquid only when centrifuged. UniSpin baskets are a versatile solution for lysis and filtration of preparations for use with any kits and DNA extraction systems. Filtration of preparations after the stage of lysis allows to achieve maximum efficiency of DNA extraction when working with biomaterial on fibrous media (tampons, probes, fabric clippings).

  • Effective temperature control during lysis
  • High contact area of ​​the baskets with the thermostat during incubation
  • Lysis and filtration in one tube
  • Fast separation of the carrier by centrifugation
  • Universal format for any DNA extraction system
  • Ethylene oxide treatment completely guarantees the absence of human DNA

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