Multiplex amplification kit for 26 human STR markers .

The kit is intended for identification of a person and determination of biological affinity, cell line authentication, analysis of biological chimerism after transplantation of human organs and tissues.

EXPERT kit 26 is a new generation multiplex test system, based on unique DNA normalization amplification technology (STRICT heart). Extremely wide analytical range of the EXPERT kit 26 allows research without the step of preliminary measurement and normalization of DNA concentration. The technology of normalization amplification provides an optimal level of a fluorescent signal, regardless of the amount of sample introduced into the reaction. Immediately after the DNA extraction step, the maximum amount of the drug can be introduced into the amplification reaction., which will ensure high sensitivity of the study without the risk of "overload" of the amplification signal.

  • Unique fluorescence signal normalization technology
  • Simultaneous analysis 26 human STR markers
  • SRY marker analysis for reliable sex determination
  • Optimal signal level of PCR products without measuring DNA concentration
  • Fast Amplification Program 1 time
  • High resistance to the presence of PCR inhibitors
  • The ability to analyze directly without a DNA extraction step
  • Accelerated protocols for the study of samples of buccal epithelium using reagent COrDIS Sprint
  • Accelerated protocols for the study of blood samples on FTA cards
  • Unique fluorescence signal normalization technology


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