Freeze-dried kit for amplification of 10 polymorphic STR markers and human amelogenin locus.

COrDIS mini set 2 intended for screening expert genetic studies in the comparative analysis of large arrays of objects in cases, when a complete genetic profile is not required, as well as for the analysis of highly degraded DNA samples (bone remains; putrefactive biomaterial; biomaterial, corrosive) in combination with COrDIS mini sets 1 и COrDIS Plus. In addition, COrDIS mini 2 can be used for relationship analysis (for instance, examination of disputed paternity), and also for the analysis of chimerism after bone marrow transplantation.

All analyzed STR loci are widely used for personal identification and are included in the standard CODIS panels (Combined DNA Index System) and ESS (European Standard Set). Amplification of all markers in the format of short PCR products ensures high success in the analysis of highly degraded DNA preparations.

  • High efficiency in the analysis of highly degraded DNA preparations
  • Compatible with all modern models of genetic analyzers 310/3130/3500, Nanofor-05
  • Analysis of 10 STR loci and amelogenin locus in the format of "short" PCR fragments
  • Data analysis support in GeneMapper programs, Genemarker, Genotyper, OSIRIS
  • Transportation and storage at room temperature
  • High stability of the kit is ensured by lyophilization of the reaction mixture
  • Express protocol for the analysis of buccal epithelial samples using a PCR-compatible COrDIS Sprint lysis reagent.




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