Freeze-dried multiplex kit for amplification of 19 polymorphic STR markers and human amelogenin locus.

The kit is intended for human identification and determination of biological kinship, authentication of cell lines, analysis of biological chimerism after transplantation of human organs and tissues.

The COrDIS Plus kit includes STR markers from two systems of international standards for human molecular genetic identification: the American CODIS and the European ESS. This leads to exceptionally high information value of the analysis and compatibility of the results with any existing forensic databases.

  • Marketing authorization of the Russian Ministry of Healthcare
  • Simultaneous analysis of 20 markers
  • Compatible with all modern models of genetic analyzers 310/3130/3500, Nanofor-05
  • Support for data analysis in GeneMapper Software, Genemarker, Genotyper, OSIRIS
  • All kit components already in tubes and freeze-dried
  • Transportation and storage at room temperature
  • Direct analysis possible without DNA extraction
  • Express protocols for the analysis of buccal epithelial samples using a PCR-compatible COrDIS Sprint lysis reagent
  • High resistance to the presence of PCR inhibitors (humic acids, hematin, indigo carmine)
  • The kit contains all the necessary consumable plasticware and reagents for a full cycle of analysis (PCR tubes, internal size standard, allelic ladder)




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