Reagent kit for human mitochondrial DNA sequence analysis.

The kit is designed to identify a person and determine maternal biological kinship.
The test system allows you to analyze simultaneously the two most informative regions (hypervariable segments 1 and 2), which contain more than 90% all polymorphic positions of the human mitochondrial genome. This allows you to achieve high information content of the study and the compatibility of the results with any existing forensic databases.

The high copy number of the mitochondrial genome allows for extremely high sensitivity of the test system., several orders of magnitude higher than the sensitivity of chromosome marker analysis systems. A reproducible positive result can be obtained by analyzing the drug., containing less 1 pg genomic DNA, what makes MitoPlex the most highly sensitive individualizing system to date.

The MitoPlex Kit contains a complete set of components, required for all stages of the study and is fully compatible with the sets of terminating nucleotides Big Dye Terminator. Simple and effective methods, applied at each stage of analysis, make it possible to simplify the sequencing procedure to the maximum and reduce the total study time to one working day.

  • Amplification of HV1 and HV2 regions of human mitochondrial DNA in a single reaction.
  • Analysis of sequence polymorphism by direct sequencing within one working day.
  • Extremely high study sensitivity. Reproducible drug analysis result, containing less 1 PG chromosomal DNA.
  • Additional target for analysis of gender of samples.
  • Internal positive amplification control.
  • High resistance to the presence of PCR inhibitors (humic acids, hematin, indigo carmine).
  • The reaction mixtures are aliquoted into tubes and lyophilized.. Simplicity and minimum reaction time, reduced risk of contamination.
  • Real-time rapid evaluation of amplification by PCR.
  • Rapid purification of reaction products using sorbent spin columns.
  • Sample Analysis (blood, buccal epithelium) no DNA extraction step. Accelerated protocols for the study of type samples using a PCR-compatible express lysis system COrDIS Sprint.
  • Specialized MitoPlex software for fast and efficient data analysis.
  • Transportation and storage at room temperature. Shelf life 12 months.
  • Compatible with all modern genetic analyzer models (HELP 310/3130/3500, Nanofor-05).

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