RSID (Rapid Stain Identification) SALIVA

A kit for detecting traces of human saliva by immunochromatography.

The RSID Saliva test is designed for quick, easy and reliable detection of human saliva in biological samples by expert analysis of various objects, such as postage stamps and envelopes, glass bottles, aluminum cans, plastic covers, as well as traces of unknown origin, collected on smooth surfaces.

The format of the immunochromatographic test cassette allows for the use the RSID SALIVA kit as a fast, simple and reliable method for conducting forensic analysis of biological objects. The test is highly sensitive and specific, as it is based on high-quality monoclonal antibodies to human α-amylase. RSID SALIVA test results correlate well with the intensity of the STR marker profile during further molecular genetic analysis.

  • mmunochromatographic test for the presence of human α-amylase.
  • Standard test format, easy to interpret the results.
  • Fastest results. Strip analysis takes as little as 10 minutes.
  • Highly specific. No cross-reactions with samples of animal biological fluids and saliva.
  • No hook effect at high saliva concentrations. Avoids false negative results. Eliminates the need for repeated analysis.
  • High sensitivity. Consistent response in the analysis of <50 nl of human saliva.
  • Processing of the sample provides for the possibility of further extraction of DNA for molecular genetic analysis.
  • Test results correlate well with the intensity of the STR marker profile.
  • Large selection of validated protocols.
  • Easy integration of the test into the laboratory analysis layout.
  • Automated evaluation of test results available via RSID™-Reader.