Multiplex amplification kit for 18 polymorphic STR markers of the human Y-chromosome.

The kit is designed to identify a person and determine biological kinship by the male line, screening and population studies.

COrDIS Y kit includes STR markers, meeting modern international standards of molecular genetic identification of a person: 9 loci of the "minimal haplotype" + 2 locus of the “extended haplotype” SWGDAM + 7 additional highly polymorphic loci. This allows you to achieve extremely high information content of the study and the compatibility of the results with any existing forensic and population databases.

  • Analysis 18 STR loci of the human Y chromosome
  • Compatible with all current ABI genetic analyzer models 310/3130/3500, Nanofor-05
  • Support for data analysis in GeneMapper Software, Genemarker, genotypes, OSIRIS.
  • The ability to analyze directly without a DNA extraction step
  • Accelerated protocol for the study of samples of buccal epithelium using PCr-compatible lysing reagent COrDIS Sprint.
  • High resistance to the presence of PCR inhibitors (humic acids, hematin, indigo carmine).
  • The kit contains all the necessary list of reagents for the full study cycle. (internal size standard, allelic ladders).




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