RSID (Rapid Stain Identification) Urine

A kit for detecting traces of human urine by immunochromatography.

The format of the immunochromatographic test cassette allows for the use the RSID URINE kit as a fast, simple and reliable method for conducting forensic analysis of biological objects. The test is highly sensitive and specific, as it is based on antibodies to Tamm-Horsfall protein. The use of a protein-antigen as a target , gives a significant advantage in sensitivity and specificity of the test compared to chemical tests identification of small molecules (urea, creatinine).

  • World's first immunochromatographic test for detecting human urine.
  • Test for the presence of a urine-specific protein antigen (Tamm–Horsfall protein).
  • Standard test format, easy to interpret the results.
  • Fastest results. Strip analysis takes as little as 10 minutes.
  • High sensitivity. Consistent response in the analysis of 5-10 µl of human urine.
  • Processing of the sample provides for the possibility of further extraction of DNA for molecular genetic analysis.
  • Easy integration of the test into the laboratory analysis layout.
  • Automated evaluation of test results available via RSID™-Reader.