Fluorescence microscopy kit for detecting human sperm.

Набор SPERM HY-LITERTM PLUS it is intended for specific sensitive and reliable detection of human sperm cells in an expert study of traces of sexual violence.

Sperm detection method based on the use of monoclonal fluorescently-labeled antibodies, which allows for extremely high sensitivity and specificity of the study. Simplified sample preparation protocol (biomaterial coloring) allows you to use SPERM HY-LITER as a fast and reliable method of microscopic screening in forensic laboratories. The sample preparation process does not affect the structure of the studied material - colored objects can be used for further microscopic and molecular genetic studies..


  • Microscopic screening of biomaterial for the presence of human sperm.
  • Fast protocol for staining biomaterial. A full sample preparation cycle takes 50 min.
  • High sensitivity and specificity of the test due to the use of high-quality monoclonal antibodies.
  • Lack of cross-reactions with animal cellular material.
  • A simple and reliable way to detect cell material by fluorescence label. The ability to detect even single cells.
  • Two fluorescent labels (Alexa 488, DAPI) for simultaneous imaging of sperm and epithelial cells.
  • SPERM HY-LITERTM PI - special version of the laser microdissection kit (excitation of a fluorophore by long-wave radiation, to avoid damage to DNA and proteins).
  • A fluorescence microscope is required to detect the results of the study..