COrDIS MSI reagent kit is designed to detect the state of microsatellite instability (MSI) and human genomic DNA repair system failures of the DNA , extracted from biomaterial in paraffin blocks (FFPE), by polymerase chain reaction followed by fragment analysis of amplification products by capillary electrophoresis.

Analysis of microsatellite instability is of great practical importance for the diagnosis and choice of treatment strategies for colon malignancies, including hereditary non-polypous colorectal cancer (Lynch syndrome). The targets of microsatellite instability analysis using COrDIS MSI kit are the five microsatellite markers (BAT-25, BAT-26, NR-21, NR-24 and NR-27). The target markers are regions of mononucleotide repeats of genomic DNA, usually found in the human genome in a homozygous state.

Additionally, the kit allows for identification of the test samples and confirmation of origin of the biomaterial from a specific patient using polymorphic loci of human chromosomal DNA D12S391, CSF1PO, vWA, D21S11. This approach allows to verify the origin of the test sample of biomaterial from a specific patient (if the established allelic variants in the test material and the patient's blood sample match) and to exclude the possibility of contamination of the samples with foreign biological material.

  • Marketing authorization issued by Roszdravnadzor
  • Simultaneous multiplex analysis of 5 mononucleotide markers
  • Identification of sample origin by 4 tetranucleotide repeats
  • Express amplification protocol in 1 hour
  • Fluorescent detection of amplification signal
  • Compatible with all modern models of genetic analyzers 310/3130/3500, Nanofor-05
  • Support for data analysis in GeneMapper Software, Genemarker



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